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About us

LookSee simplifies the complex world of home management by providing homeowners with easy-to-understand advice and data, as well as a selection of quality products, solutions, and vetted call-out services. Our mission is to empower homeowners and make homes more efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

At LookSee we believe that efficient homes are more affordable, and we know that saving money and living sustainably is important to you for many reasons, particularly your well-being and your pocket. Because honestly, who really wants to have these kinds of stresses in a world that’s already full of stress? 

In short, we’re your easy to understand and reliable partner in home management, home efficiency and power efficiency, in the form of a free-to-use site that helps you, the homeowner, get answers that will help you make the most of your home. The best part about it is that these answers are based on the needs of each specific home, so they’re tailored for you.

Our tailored solutions are designed to help you save money and live sustainably, so you can focus on what really matters. As a free-to-use platform, LookSee provides personalised answers based on your specific home needs.

Why join LookSee
Some of the many benefits of joining the growing community
Increase efficiency and save money

Cut costs with our advice, tools, and tips for optimising your home.

Manage and improve your home
Protect your investment with insights and solutions to maintain and improve your lifestyle and property value.
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Shop the LookSee marketplace
Browse a selection of quality products, call-out services, and financing options vetted by Standard Bank.
Calculators and insights
Get savings calculations and insights on your neighbourhood, including weather, crime, and outages.

Thinking of solar for your home?

LookSee offers an end-to-end service that helps homeowners find the right solar solution for their homes and pockets.

Start your renewable energy journey today with these services:

  • LookSee Solar Score: Find out if your property is optimal for a solar installation and the amount of power you could generate from the sun for free through LookSee.
  • Home power analysis: Determine the best size solar solution for your family’s needs with a free analysis of your home’s electricity consumption.
  • Solar Concierge Team: Let our dedicated solar team help you on your solar journey by connecting you with reliable service providers and assisting you with financing options.
  • Vetted solar installers: Get peace of mind with the knowledge that all LookSee solar providers have been thoroughly vetted by Standard Bank ensuring you get the best system components and reliable services.
Find out how solar will perform on your roof
Want to keep your home in tip top shape?

Sign up to LookSee and join the growing number of South African homeowners who are discovering ways to manage and improve the value of their homes while improving efficiency and saving money.

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