Benefits of a natural pool
Article by: Karabo Motsoai
Improve your home 15 Nov 2023

Benefits of a natural pool

A pool is a great addition to the home and a place of fun and relaxation for the whole family. It also contributes to the value of the property and adds to the aesthetics of the home. However, keeping it looking great and well maintained can quickly become costly, especially with lots of usage in the summer. If you are looking to enjoy a pool without the complexities of maintaining it, a natural pool might work best for you.

Natural pools use a natural filtration system by using aquatic plants to purify the water without the need for chemicals. It relies on aquatic plants and micro-organisms that are not harmful to keep harmony and great water quality.

Contrary to some belief, natural pools are not as expensive to maintain as a normal pool, even though the initial investment is higher.  While they may not have the conventional look of a swimming pool, they actually blend in more with your outdoor space, due to their natural look. Plus they do not irritate the eyes or skin, making them a great option for the whole family.

Here’s the benefits to embracing this natural alternative to swimming pools.

Say goodbye to chemicals

In order to maintain the water’s chemical balance so that it is clean and safe for the family, chemicals such as chlorine, PH regulators and algaecides are often used. Others prefer to use even more chemicals that can prevent foaming, or corrosion of tiles below the pool.

Unfortunately, these chemicals can be harmful and might cause reactions such as skin rash, severe eye irritation or even troubles with breathing to those that might be allergic to them. This is why they come with a warning and specific instructions on how to use them to prevent such problems from occurring.

Reduce water wastage

A pool uses a lot of water during backwashing and some of the water is lost due to evaporation and splashing. That constant draining and refilling can wreak havoc on your monthly water bill. Reducing water use in South Africa remains a huge priority for households not just so they can pay less monthly but to make sure there is access to water for basic usage, during water shedding.

Low maintenance costs

This simple type of pool requires occasional pruning of the aquatic plants to prevent build up of nutrients, removing floating debris and vacuuming the bottom when dirty. An occasional test to check the PH levels to maintain a healthy and balanced aquatic environment will go a long way in keeping it in good condition. Unlike the conventional swimming pool which might require pool maintenance services to keep it looking great with a vibrant blue hue.

Great for your environment

Natural pools provide a great environment for the local ecosystem and with the presence of rocks and plants it can create a visually appealing environment in your home. They are a great investment and also add value to your property. Think of it as a small lake in your home to provide you with a calmness and serene feeling all year round. 

Natural pools are a great overall addition to the home, and with fewer need for replacements or repairs you will get to enjoy it for a very long time. All the benefits will have you enjoying your pool without the stress or worry that comes with owning one.

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