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Article by: Kimberly Guest
Manage your home 3 Apr 2023

Home security: Safeguarding your family and property

Home security is a major concern for all of us as we look to protect our families and belongings. Figuring out the best security options for your property as well as your bank balance can be tricky though. To make it easier, LookSee.co.za takes a look at the various options available to you.

Perimeter protection

Your perimeter is the first line of defence for your property and ideally should be as much of a deterrent to criminals as possible. Security options for this area are endless and include building higher walls, installing palisade or vandal-resistant mesh fencing, security spikes, barbed wire and adding electric fencing. If you are considering electric fencing, it is important to remember that a certificate of compliance is required and it is illegal to try and install one yourself.

Points of entry are often one of the most vulnerable areas of the home, and homeowners must consider the best way to protect against hijacking and forced entry. A motorised gate reduces this risk considerably, but if this is out of your price range, then open space, lighting and awareness can help to reduce your risk levels. Pay particular attention to any dark spots and other potential hiding spaces.

Enabling early warning

If a criminal is able to get past your perimeter security, you want to know about it before they get into your home. The first area to address is visibility, particularly at night time. Interestingly, motion-detecting lights are actually a better option than constant lights as the sudden brightness is not only an immediate deterrent for criminals but will draw your attention as well.

Technology advances have made security systems far more effective and certainly more affordable too. These days you can install your own smart security solutions by selecting cameras, motion-detecting beams, entry sensors, alarms and even listening devices that will alert you to glass breaking, banging, alarms, human footsteps and more. If you have pets, speak to your security consultant or salesperson on how to install these items in a way that your furry friends won’t set them off.

In addition to sending alerts to your smartphone, a lot of these new systems offer cloud storage which means your evidence won’t be removed and you can check in on your property from anywhere in the world.

Barriers to entry

Your last line of defence is the security features that prevent and alert you of entry into the home. A variety of options are available but pay particular attention to the sturdiness of your burglar proofing, security gates, windows, doors and locks.

Sensors can also be installed on points of entry and connected to an alarm system that will loudly notify you, your neighbours and your security company if someone tries to get into your home. Not only is this a deterrent for the would-be burglar but it could also give you valuable seconds to move yourself and your family into a safe space while you wait for help to arrive.

Help at hand

Police response rates can be unpredictable, leaving you vulnerable when you need them most. South Africa has a thriving private security sector which offers a variety of services to homeowners.

Before making a decision on the best option for your family, speak to friends and neighbours for recommendations on companies that are already active in your area and are known to respond with speed. Consult LookSee.co.za’s security company checklist for important questions to ask when deciding on the best service for you and your family.

Unfortunately, there are no security measures that are guaranteed to keep a determined criminal off your property. When assessing the effectiveness of your home security ask yourself four questions: are your measures visible and a deterrent to would-be criminals? Are you able to detect when a person has gained access to your property? Will security measures at the entry points to your home delay a criminal long enough to give you and your family a chance to move to a safe space within the home? Do you and your family know what to do or who to call for help if someone breaks into your home?

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