Spring clean your home
Article by: Karabo Motsoai
Enhance your home life 15 Nov 2023

How to spring clean your home

As we finally shake off the cold weather and enjoy some much welcome warmth, we are reminded of the fresh start that spring comes with, encouraging us to start planning a much needed deep clean. For most people the cold season is a time they spend indoors with a blanket in front of the heater or fireplace. When the warm weather arrives, it provides an opportunity to declutter and start afresh and perform essential home maintenance tasks. Especially in those areas that are not regularly cleaned.

As you get ready to bring a sparkle to your home, here’s some areas to focus some deep cleaning energy on to ensure your home is in top shape for the season and beyond.

Biggest task first: Decluttering

Doing a proper cleaning job can get overwhelming very quickly, so it is important to plan how and when to tackle it. As the saying goes, there is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time. Start by tackling the biggest tasks first and choose a day for each one. Start with the decluttering task as it can be the most time consuming.

Many people tend to keep clothes and items they hardly use, which has resulted in hoarding becoming a thing in many households. Looking closely into your cupboards and spaces in your home with boxes. These can easily collect without you even realising. The rule when it comes to clothes is that if you have not worn it in a year, you can do without it and should give it away.

Cleaning up also gives you the opportunity to give away old items to charities and homeless shelters. This can make a real difference to someone who is in need of those items. There are many such places in the city which offer the service of collecting old items from your home. Alternatively, you could drop them off at the nearest shelter in your city. Before you decide on a charity find out what types of items they accept, drop off times and any guidelines they have for donations.

Tackling the draping fabrics

The next biggest task is washing blankets and curtains which can easily collect dust overtime. It is best to strategically start with the biggest rooms and to group the cleaning of curtains and blankets together. That way you tackle each room’s biggest tasks.

This will make it less overwhelming, especially because washing curtains will probably make you want to wash your windows. Curtains can especially present a challenge since they require delicate washing and are not always washing machine friendly. Another option is to outsource the task to a professional laundry service.

Sparkly floors

While it is almost impossible to keep floors clean permanently, a deep clean should also be included during your spring clean, especially in those hard-to-reach places such as behind and under the fridge or furniture.

Restoring the original lustre and beauty of your floor can bring brightness to the room and eliminate any hidden bacteria, allergens or dust that may linger there. Luckily there are a variety of devices that can help you keep your floors in great condition.

Without proper treatment even the most beautiful carpets, wooden and natural stone floors can end up looking unattractive and dull. Carpets, if not cleaned regularly, can trap dust mites, pollen and other allergens. A deep clean can extend its lifespan and improve the look of the carpet as well as the air in the home. This is an activity that requires some expertise and so it is best to get in a specialist cleaner to do your floors, you can also include upholstery cleaning should you require it, as many of them also offer this service.

For wooden and natural stone floors, regular polish can reduce the chances of deep scratches, stains, damage and prevent the growth of mould or mildew. A seasonal deep cleaning and professional treating of your floors will help maintain the appeal of your floors.

Walls and ceilings

Odour, mould and musty smells won’t easily be eliminated from the home with a spring clean that does not include a proper wipe down of ceilings and walls. Cleaning them improves the quality of the air and brightens your walls, making your paint or wallpaper look new. For a fresher and more appealing atmosphere within your home, include this task in your spring-cleaning project.

Should you notice any mould or rising damp on your walls, it is important to act immediately and find an expert that will help you to deal with this issue. If ignored these can lead to different health issues such as asthma, respiratory infections or long-term health issues. What’s more, your walls and ceiling will continue to weaken and lead to costly repairs.

Electric appliances

The results of cooking up a storm can be rewarding but the clean-up of the stove can quickly become tedious. Regular use of the stove can mean grease, food residue and hidden contaminants building up over time.

This means that appliances also need a deep clean every once in a while, to remove stubborn stains that age and reduce their lifespan. The fridge, stove, toaster, microwave or washing machine need regular maintenance to keep them functioning optimally.

Get your home ready for spring by following a maintenance guide that will not pose a challenge to you. A good plan of action will help you get your home looking clean and smelling fresh. Tackle these biggest tasks first and get your home, spring ready easily.

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