Top quality home solar can still be affordable
Article by: Kimberly Guest
Improve your home 19 Sep 2023

Top-quality home solar can still be affordable

Reports of collapsing roofs, house fires, short circuits and failing equipment has many households worried about how to find a solar system that’s both reliable and affordable. LookSee’s introduction of its Solar Loan with low interest rates and flexible repayment terms, means you can get a top-quality solar installation at a price that won’t break your budget.

Marc du Plessis, executive head of LookSee, explains: “Our focus is on providing access to solar systems that our customers can count on for years to come. In an environment where cheap, sub-standard equipment and unqualified, inexperienced installers have become a real concern, our extensively vetted, quality offerings and the dedicated support from our Solar Customer Care Team has really set us apart.”

While financing solar installations off a home loan has been the most popular choice to date, du Plessis notes the new Solar Loan option offers an affordable alternative.

“Our new Solar Loan offers preferential terms for households that can’t or don’t want to finance their solar installation off their home loan. It’s a game changer for families that are looking for an affordable way to get a trustworthy solar installation,” says Marc du Plessis.

LookSee’s Solar Loan features personalised interest rates up to a maximum of Prime plus 2.5%, flexible repayment periods between 12 months and 5 years, and values ranging from R3 000 to R300 000. While the loan is provided by Standard Bank, applications are open to all customers, regardless of who they bank with.

A solar journey you can trust

LookSee prides itself on an end-to-end solar journey that provides peace of mind to its customers.

The platform’s free home solar quote process helps families take the guesswork out of choosing a solar solution by recommending the best system size based on their existing electricity consumption. Alternative sizes are also offered for those who want room to grow or with a tighter budget. Once a preferred size has been selected, a personalised solar proposal is sent within minutes, featuring quotations from LookSee’s panel of approved solar installers.

“One of the biggest advantages of choosing LookSee is the knowledge that our installers have been extensively vetted by Standard Bank for product quality and service standards. We also have several installers, so our customers can select the company that best meets their personal needs, rather than being stuck with just one option,” says du Plessis.

The assistance from the dedicated Solar Customer Care Team is another benefit that has attracted praise from customers. From answering questions, setting up site visits and finance applications, to ensuring you have all the documentation for your insurance company and advising you on how to get the most from your solar powered home, the Solar Customer Care Team has you covered.

Du Plessis attributes LookSee’s success to offering the full package: “Solar is major investment for households, and, like our customers, we want to make sure that every installation lives up to its promise. Our focus on trustworthiness, quality and personal support has helped us make a mark on the local residential solar market.”

In the last year, LookSee has helped households to install over 3 700 solar panels. These are collectively generating over 3 200 megawatt-hours of renewable energy a year.

Looking for a Solar Loan with a low-interest rate?

The LookSee Solar Loan offers personalised interest rates capped at Prime +2.5% for loans up to R300 000.