High quality security doors for maximum protection at home
Article by: Karabo Motsoai
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High quality security doors for maximum home protection

Security is one of the most important aspects of owning a home. A home is a safe haven and has many valuables that can be enticing for intruders. Investing in high-tech security door solutions that ensure safety will go a long way to preventing criminals from easily gaining entry into your home.

According to Stats SA, home robberies are at the top of the list of crimes experienced by households, with a total of 983 000 having experienced housebreaking incidences in the 2021–22 period.

Crime statistics over the years have also revealed that many people use a standard door with a security gate in front of it, which has proved to be a very weak defence against break-ins.  

Technology in the security market continues to grow and experts are continuously working on finding meaningful ways to protect and secure families in their homes.

RB Doors uses high-technology and robotics to create specialised doors that are built to offer the highest possible security for South African households. The technology of its doors and the locking mechanisms are a first for the South African market.

"RB Doors’ unique multi-bolt locking system, the strength and durability of the steel entry door, and the ever-evolving designs, contribute to a very high-tech door. We believe there is nothing like it in the market” says Mark Herzenberg of RB Doors.

Built with extreme strength

While some of the doors on the market include tamper-proof fixings and locks designed to make it difficult for robbers to break through, time and again, criminals find their weak spots and break them open.

Designed and developed in a high-tech robotic manufacturing facility located in Israel - a country well known for being a world leader in security - RB Doors feature an advanced 11-point locking system to provide a tighter seal along the length of the door, from the top to the bottom.

The steel door is made of industrial strength galvanized 409 MPA flexion strength with a rubber seal to ensure 31 DB acoustic rating. There are three fully adjustable hinges with up to 2mm adjustment per hinge to ensure the 11-point locking system slots with ease into its housing.

Over the years, RB Doors has invested heavily in the production of effective, advanced locking systems. The door leaf and frame structure prioritise strength and robustness.

"The leaf itself consists of a single layer of 409 MPa strength steel – almost double the normal strength for fabrication - and internally, the door is fitted with various strength bars running vertically and horizontally at the top and bottom of the door. Any spaces are filled in with a high strength honeycomb, which serves to give the door the feel of a solid timber door as well as an industry-leading acoustic 31 DB sound rating to prevent external noises from being heard inside the home," says Mark Herzenberg.

Warranty says it all

RB Doors is currently the only security door manufacturer in South Africa with a two-year money-back warranty should a perpetrator break through the door. The hinges, frame, and door leaf carry a five-year warranty.

Additionally, RB-Doors SA has such faith in the impenetrable nature of their door, that it undertakes to provide a full refund of the door and cost of installation, for any RB Doors Gladiator door installed using its approved installers that was broken into. This excludes where hydraulic power tools or diamond blade angle grinders were used.

"RB Doors has the highest potential to turn the main bedroom, your children’s bedrooms and separate sections of the home into safe areas on demand. We are confident that what we are bringing to the market will do the job it is intended for with ease, as it has done in many parts of the world already," concludes Mark Herzenberg.

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