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Article by: Kimberly Guest
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Electricity bill too high? Here's why

Electricity price increases have hit our budgets hard and it’s only going to get worse. If you are looking for ways to save electricity and cut your electricity bill, start by understanding where most of your power consumption is going.

Take a LookSee at the top electricity users in your home.

  • Water heating:  Although estimations differ, experts agree that the majority (30% to 60%) of your electricity bill is spent on water heating. Most of this electricity consumption comes from your geyser, but there are many ways that you can keep your water hot and still reduce your electric bill. 
  • Kitchen:  The next place where you can conserve electricity is in the kitchen. Remember, anything that uses an element to provide heat, such as your kettle, toaster, stove and oven, will be a big power user and changing the way you use these appliances will save electricity and money.
  • Lighting:  Although we’ve seen significant improvements in lighting  costs thanks to energy-efficient lightbulbs, lighting still takes a lot of power. Whether it’s reducing the number of lights in your house, lowering the brightness or simply remembering to turn lights off, you can use less electricity on a monthly basis. 
  • Appliances:  While new appliances are far more energy-efficient than they were, we are plugging in more appliances than ever before; from cellphone chargers to dishwashers. Clamp down on appliances that use power even when you are not using them.
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