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Article by: Kimberly Guest
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Smart Geyser frequently asked questions

Around 40% of a home’s electricity consumption is used by the geyser. With electricity prices soaring and South Africans being urged to reduce the load on the power grid, more thought and innovation is being driven towards the electricity use of geysers.

Newer geysers are far more energy-efficient than they have ever been, but the cost of purchasing a new geyser is prohibitively expensive for most of us. However, a Smart Geyser upgrade from  can help you access the benefits of new technology and reduce your electricity bill for only R99 per month.

What is a Smart Geyser?

A smart device is connected to your existing electric geyser. This device puts the power of control in your hands.

Installation of the device is quick and easy and will be done by a qualified, registered plumber. The device is fitted onto your geyser, and sensors are installed at various places on the geyser and drip tray.

Once the device has been installed, you can easily manage your geyser from an application on your smartphone.

What can I do with a Smart Geyser?

Once you have upgraded to a Smart Geyser, you will be able to monitor and control the heating and temperature of your water and receive alerts when your geyser is not operating as it should, all from your phone.

Features include:

  • Manage your geyser at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor electricity consumption to identify when your geyser is wasting electricity.
  • Set the temperature on your geyser so that it is more energy-efficient or to meet seasonal needs.  
  • Gone on holiday and forgot to turn your geyser off? Switch it off remotely from your smartphone and turn it on again when you are heading back.
  • Easily create a schedule for your geyser so that you have hot water when you need it, but you don’t waste electricity heating water when you don’t.
  • Quickly change the heating time when you need additional hot water at a different time of the day from your normal schedule.
  • Be alerted when the element in your geyser is overheating or has blown.

If your geyser has a drip tray and a leak is detected, be assured that the water and electricity to the geyser will be turned off, so that extensive damage to your home from a burst geyser can be avoided.

What do I need?

To upgrade to a Smart Geyser, your current geyser must be:

  • Indoors
    The Smart Geyser device and sensors will not operate on a geyser that is positioned outside the home.
  • Electric
    The Smart Geyser device only works on an electric geyser and does not support heat pumps or gas and solar geysers.
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