Reduce power consumption with a smart geyser 1
Article by: Kimberly Guest
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Reduce power consumption with a Smart Geyser controller

Electricity prices are increasing and worse is yet to come. As electricity bills soar, many South Africans are looking at ways to reduce their electricity consumption and save.

The geyser is the largest consumer of electricity in the home, accounting for around 40% of your monthly electricity use. Geysers also have the highest potential for cost savings. Newer geysers are far more energy-efficient ever but, the cost of purchasing and installing a new geyser is a big investment, especially if your current geyser is working fine. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with high geyser consumption costs. offers a way to upgrade your existing geyser to a Smart Geyser.

What is a Smart Geyser?

A smart device is connected to your existing geyser which allows you to control and monitor your geyser’s electricity consumption, and provides you with 24/7 information on how your geyser is operating.

Reduce power consumption with a smart geyser 2

Through an App on your cellphone, you can see how much electricity your geyser is using, the temperature of the water inside the geyser, and most importantly, receive alerts for any electrical faults, pressure changes and water leaks that often come before a geyser bursts.

Because a lot of electricity is wasted heating the water in your geyser 24 hours a day, many switch their geysers on and off at the Distribution Board (DB) to save electricity and costs. Now, with the App, you no longer need to do this at the DB. There is a scheduling function where you can set the geyser to heat the water at times that work best for you and your family. Once the morning and evening schedules are set, you don’t need to think about turning your geyser on or off again unless you need hot water for longer.

Another great function on the App is that you can remotely switch your geyser on and off, so if you forgot to do this before you left for that long-awaited holiday, you can do this on the way to your destination and then know that your geyser won’t be heating water while you are away. On your way home, use the App to remotely switch the geyser on again, so you have hot water on your arrival.

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