Home painting tips that add value
Article by: Kimberly Guest
Improve your home

Home painting tips that add style and increase property value

Are your walls looking a little tatty or is your home outdated? Perhaps you're feeling a bit bored with your surroundings and in the mood for a change. If you don't have the budget to do an expensive addition or improvement, turning to paint could be just what you and your home needs.

Property specialists will tell you that a fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. Whether you decide to spruce up your exterior walls and fixtures, revamp the inside of your home, give a room a facelift, or create feature points; a paint job can revive the feel of your home.

Even the hardiest of paints and coatings begin to degrade over time: exterior paint is constantly dealing with weather conditions; while interior paint attracts nicks and scratches, not to mention grubby handprints and the occasional crayon artwork.

Picture perfect colour palette

Colour has great potential to change the feel of a space. Lighter colours can make a small room appear larger, while darker colours can make a large room feel more intimate. Bright, warm colours can bring a little sunshine into a dark room, while cool, light colours can make your hottest rooms feel airier and more comfortable. Don't forget to freshen up your ceilings as fading colour, water stains or wear and tear will be more noticeable against the backdrop of a newly painted room.

Combining different colours in a room can also make a dramatic statement, draw attention to a particular area or simply enhance the main colour of a room. Consider creating a focus wall with a different colour paint, or simply touching up your skirting boards, cornices and doorways to enhance contrast.

Choosing a colour palette for the exterior of your home also takes consideration as you want to enhance the various features of your home in the most attractive way possible. Taking a weekend drive around your neighbourhood can give you an idea of the colour options and contrasts available as well as giving you an idea of what impact your colour choice will have on the look and feel of your home.

When selecting colours, don't forget to include your perimeter; additional structures like your garage and entertainment areas; and any special features your home may have. You may also want to consider your neighbour's colour scheme to ensure your choices won't make your home clash or fade into the background.

Types and textures

Don't limit your considerations to colour as a wide variety of paint types now exist that can add to your look and feel or increase longevity.

For the exterior of your home, for instance, you may want to select a professionally applied coating instead of paint. While coatings are certainly more expensive, they maintain their good looks for far longer, are hardier and easier to clean, and, unlike paint, are waterproof which means you'll be protecting your structures from damp and mould. Materials are also available that are more environmentally friendly or can help bring your electricity bill down by keeping your home cool.

If the cost of a coating is too much for your budget, make sure to choose a quality exterior paint which can handle direct sunlight and varying weather conditions. Speak to your hardware store about the best paint to use for fittings and fixtures, such as windows, doors, entrances and garages, and find out if matching colours and finishes are available for your fencing, light fittings and roof.

Your options for the inside of your home have also grown beyond the simple choice of enamel or acrylic. For one, both paint types are now available in matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes. And where once ease of cleaning used to be associated with enamel, paint producers now offer washable acrylic paints.

You might want to consider using a textured paint to add an extra dimension to the finish of your home. Finishes in these types of paint tend to vary between fine, medium and coarse, and can leave your walls with anything from an inviting velvety look to a coarser texture which covers up cracks and wall imperfections for a rejuvenated look.

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