How smart geyser tech can keep you sane
Article by: Kimberly Guest
Save money 6 Mar 2024

How smart geyser tech can keep you sane

Ensuring you have hot water despite loadshedding’s best efforts to dampen your spirit can make your day better, your wallet happier, and your life less uncertain.

While there are a number of products offering some sense of electricity stability to South African homeowners today, smart geyser technology stands out for its ability to improve energy efficiency in our homes and bring down monthly power bills. Smart geyser devices tackle the most significant electricity consumer in your household: the electric geyser.

Typically, a geyser operates using an element to heat your water and a thermostat to ensure your water is maintained at a constant temperature. However, this also means that your geyser continuously heats water throughout the day, even when it's not in use, leading to unnecessary electricity consumption and high electricity bills.

So how does this happen? What are the mechanics of this consumption? The heating process that increases your geyser’s water temperature demands a considerable amount of electricity, particularly when compared to your other household appliances. Even during periods when hot water isn't required – such as when you’re sleeping, at work, or away on holiday – your geyser continues to consume electricity by heating water continuously, putting unnecessary strain on our national grid and your bank balance.

This process is repeated continuously throughout the day and also explains why our geysers are more prone to failure or bursting, especially in comparison to other household appliances.​​

Essentially, your electricity bill pays for your home to have hot water, even when no one is there to use it. This wasteful consumption of electricity should have no place in our homes when our national power grid is already constrained and unable to meet local demand.

Smarter water heating

With the advent of smart technology solutions, traditional water heating methods can now take an evolutionary step forward. Smart geyser devices enable you to monitor and regulate your geyser's electricity consumption directly, through a dedicated app on your smartphone.

This not only reduces the burden on our national grid, but also ensures that your water stays hot in the most efficient manner, tailored specifically to your household’s schedule and needs.

Moreover, these systems can integrate with Eskom's loadshedding schedule, ensuring that you have access to hot water, even during power outages.

However, energy efficiency is not the sole advantage of smart geyser technology. Geysers tend to be concealed from view and often malfunction without warning, causing great inconvenience, damage, and much financial strain.

Smart tech solutions can mitigate some of this uncertainty by monitoring the geyser's water intake, pressure, and overall health, keeping you informed of any issues, before disaster strikes. With a smart geyser device, you're less likely to experience the stress of sudden repairs, emergency plumbing expenses, loss of much-loved household items, or insurance premium hikes.

Unlike solutions that require significant investment or structural changes to your home, smart technology solutions for geysers are modular and can seamlessly integrate with existing technologies.

Smart geyser devices are also relatively affordable and can be obtained through a subscription on LookSee, offering a flexible and accessible solution to all South Africans wishing to play a role in decreasing the rate of loadshedding in our country.

This flexibility in payment, combined with the cost savings from reduced electricity consumption and fewer repairs, makes smart geyser technology a practical option for immediate relief and peace of mind amidst the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

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