Outdoor solar light for the home
Article by: Karabo Motsoai
Save money 15 Nov 2023

The benefits of outdoor solar lights

If you’re looking for visibility of your property at night without worrying about loadshedding disruptions and running your electricity bill too high, then outdoor solar lights are worth considering. These outdoor lights not only reduce dependency on electricity, but give you a sense of peace knowing that intruders will easily be spotted.

The current power crisis, which has become a regular occurrence, is making the use of electric outdoor lights inefficient throughout the night.

The contrast of many electric outdoor lights under the beautiful dark sky looks great at night but possibly uses way more power and produces unnecessary heat. Here’s how you can benefit from using solar outdoor lights besides just enjoying the warm glow of your outdoor spaces.

How different are outdoor solar lights from regular electric lights?

The first outdoor solar lights can be traced back to the late 1800s when its inventors were looking to create a sustainable and low maintenance solution to illuminating the streets at night. These lights have undergone many changes over the years thanks to advancing PV panel technology to end up being very cost effective. Now they are a popular choice for many homes especially in countries with failing electricity infrastructure such as ours.

Solar lights harness the sunlight during the day, to provide you with light at night without adding to your electricity bills. Therefore, it is important to place them where there is ample sunlight during the day so they can get the benefit of maximum sunlight. They don’t have any wiring and so are fairly easy to install by following a manual and can be done without the need for an electrician. They can either be attached to the wall or fence or hammered into the ground. After installing allow them at least 24 hours to fully charge in direct sunlight before you use them.

Here are the different types of outdoor solar lights you can choose from:

  • Security lights
    This type of solar light is designed primarily to provide the brightest light to deter possible intruders. It might include things like a motion sensor and camera for extra security in your home.
  • General lights
    This is the most basic type of light and is on the affordable end compared to the other two types. The lights are not the brightest but can be customisable and come in a variety of designs.
  • Decorative lights
    These are higher end outdoor lights and will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home. They come in different designs and shapes to complement your outdoor space or garden. Also note that these are just as effective if not more than their counterparts.

You can expect to pay R100 for the most basic light and up to R2000 for more advanced options with extra features.

Choosing solar lights

As you decide on which outdoor solar lights will work for you, consider things like how tough they are to withstand outdoor conditions, their brightness levels and lastly the design and technology used. Whatever option you go with, make sure to choose a brand known to provide reliable performance all year round.

Explore the different brands that have many years of catering for our market and offer products suited to our unique conditions. They are the top choices for ensuring longevity and optimal functionality. Also look closely at the technology used, as this can inform how bright your lights will glow without compromising the energy efficiency.

South Africa’s sunny weather can be enjoyed most of the year, reducing the likelihood of your solar lights not being able to charge fully. Plus, advances in solar technology are making solar lights a reliable choice for outdoor lighting needs.

Investing in high-quality solar lights can pay you back handsomely, as you’ll get use of up to 5-7 years for your lights. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning solar panels and replacing rechargeable batteries when needed, will help prolong their life.

While the initial investment may be higher than traditional lights, outdoor solar lights are far more cost effective. From making your home look even more appealing to saving money, you’ll surely enjoy the endless benefits of installing outdoor solar lights in your home.

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